The Institute of Bible Doctrine


The Institute of Bible Doctrine currently offers an introductory online Bible course, based upon the doctrinal booklets by R.B.Thieme, Jr, and Max Klein.


On-campus seminary studies will also begin shortly after the completion of the "Crystal Brook" campus buildings, currently under construction in the north of Thailand. Upon opening the Institute will offer a curriculum combining the Bible course mentioned above and a comprehensive Bible study course entitled Grace Notes run by Austin Bible Church, Austin, Texas. (This course is also freely available for independent online study.) Studies in the original languages of scripture (Greek and Hebrew) will also be an important feature of the curriculum.

If you are interested in studying with us please contact The Institute of Bible Doctrine via the e-form on the contacts page.

Financial Policy

As a grace-oriented ministry there is no charge for any services or materials offered by The Institute of Bible Doctrine. Just as God has given us eternal salvation in grace, so too does He provide for all our physical and spiritual needs - we therefore wish to reflect this grace to others (Matthew 6:32-33, 10:8b).