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About Davao Grace Theological Seminary


The idea of establishing a seminary had been on the minds of Federico Andoy (Pastor Fedy) and missionary Tim McLachlan for some time even before they came into contact with each other around mid-2023. Pastor Tim was invited to teach a conference (along with Pastor Max Klein) in Davao in October of that year, and through a series of discussions and much prayer the ideas became a reality in May of 2024, as the first group of students began formal studies at Davao Grace Theological Seminary.





Pastor Federico T. Andoy 


Pastor Fedy graduated as an Economics Major (Bachelor of Arts) at University of Mindanao in 1995, where he had been saved by the grace of God in 1982. Not long after his salvation he was introduced to Bible doctrine based upon the expository teaching developed and expounded by R.B.Thieme, Jr., which Fedy still studies and teaches to this day. Fedy not only had a desire to study God’s Word since his salvation, but to serve the Lord through evangelism and teaching of scripture to anyone who was interested. He was a member of the “Boat Ministry Evangelism” team (1982 - 1987); the Touch Ministry Team (1987 - 1991) and in 1998 he became the pastor of Grace Christian Church in Tibungco, Davao. In 2020 Pastor Fedy became the chairman of the Mindanao Grace Doctrine Ministries, beginning Basic Pastoral Training studies to pastors and laypeople in Mindanao and other places in the Philippines and Asia. 


Pastor Tim McLachlan


After a long period of spiritual seeking that led him through a mish-mash of eastern religion and philosophies, Tim was finally saved when he believed in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior while riding on a motor-scooter in Chiangmai, Thailand in November of 1998. In 2002 he began studying Bible doctrine with Max Klein, a missionary who had come to Chiangmai to teach Bible doctrine that same year. Tim soon began undergoing intensive Bible studies with Max, including daily instruction in Hebrew, Greek and Ancient History, a routine which he continued with Max for many years. In 2006 Tim was accepted as a missionary for Operation Grace World Missions and since then has had the great privilege of teaching doctrine to interested students in many locations around Asia. He continues to study Bible doctrine and related subjects as part of his daily routine.

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